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We offer a wide variety of different design and consultation services:

Garden ConsultingGarden

Having trouble growing some of your herbs or veggies? Compost pile not quite what you expected? Interested in learning new styles of gardening? We can help you gain the knowledge you need to take your garden into abundance!

Homestead Consulting
Need help with various projects on your homestead? We can help you improve existing elements in you system, give you ideas for new elements, and help you make the beneficial connections between them to ensure your homestead is resilient. 

Green Business and Not-for-Profit Consulting
Interested in reducing the carbon footprint of your organization? We can help you do an energy audit, discover previously unused resources in your waste stream, and develop a holistic plan to make your business more eco-friendly. Not-for-Profits receive a considerable discount.

Garden Design
We can draw up professional garden designs along with a plant list and maintenance plan for you to transform your lawn into an edible wonderland.

Comprehensive Homestead Design PlanPermaculture Design

The CHDP is a total site assessment, interpretation, and handbook to creating a highly functional homestead. Built on the framework of permaculture, the plan integrates the client’s goals & design parameters to build a regenerative homestead.

The CHDP comes with a professional design for the whole property which will save the owner time, money, and resources, while producing an abundance of organic, nutrient dense food. Also included in the CHDP is a written report which highlights potentials for water harvesting, renewable energy generation, composting, along with other relevant elements placed in their optimal position. Potential income streams, challenges, and opportunities for the property moving forward will be detailed at length as well.